AWS Developer Portal – Easy Resources For Software Developers and IT Professionals


Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud provider in the world today. Since 2021, Amazon Web Services continues to be the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud service. AWS provides over 90 highly customized, full featured services including: ECMS, ECS, EGC, T2P, Batch Collection, RaaS, Business Intelligence (BI) and more. The services are executed on the AWS cloud, a public cloud made up of multiple virtual servers maintained by Amazon.

Developers looking to build private cloud applications should consider developing applications that use Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services features an easy to use portal with an extensive collection of APIs (application programming interfaces). When developing in the open, you have full access to the AWS APIs. Amazon Web Services certification also gives you an excellent insight into AWS usage and a great opportunity to influence development in the open source community. As an Amazon Web Services customer, you will gain access to the AWS Developer Central where you can submit bug reports and feature requests.

We at Capgolasoft, a premier enterprise IT company, strongly believe that AWS is the computing infrastructure of the future. Not only does AWS provide companies with the scalable, flexible, and reliable solution required by our clients’ business model, it is also a great opportunity for software developers and software engineering firms. AWS customers can accelerate development cycles while lowering costs and expanding capacity with several software development methods such as SaaS, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Cloud Computing. As businesses look for a flexible, scalable, reliable and secure network stack, AWS is a logical choice for cloud computing platform.

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