Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Cubs

The Los Angeles Dodgers is a well-known American professional baseball team set up in Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers play in Major League Baseball as part of the National League West division with the Houston Yankees and the Colorado Rockies. The Los Angeles Dodgers moved into their new home of Los Angeles Memorial Stadium, which was designed and built by baseball great Curt Flood.

This venue has seen many historic events, including the infamous “case of the century” World Series wins by the Los Angeles Dodgers against the New York Yankees in 1994. A loss in this tickets Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs brought the franchise to their first World Series victory ever, and the town was a mad man until then. The World Series was not the only occasion that the Los Angeles Dodgers captured the World Series title however, they have also won six other pennants and seven games in the World Series. They are the only team in modern major league baseball to win at least seven games in a row, notching an astonishing eighteen consecutive wins. The feat earned them the top spot in the Baseball Writers Association list of the best-run teams ever.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The presence of such a great roster and a World Series title under their belts is enough for any baseball fan to root for the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the World Series title, the Los Angeles Dodgers will join the illustrious Red Sox vs Rangers as the only teams to capture the world series three times in a row. The addition of Cy Young, whom many consider the best player to ever play the game, will also help to solidify the Los Angeles Dodgers as one of the most dominant teams in all of Major League baseball. There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Dodgers will once again be contenders in the National League, as they have been in the last few years.