How to Become HP Cloud Computing Certified


The HP iPlanet University recently held an online virtual lab session called the “HP iCloud University Challenge.” The intent of this virtual event was to provide aspiring IT professionals (HCIP certifications are earned on a real-time simulated virtual network) with a chance to experience what it’s like to work in the clouds, get hands-on practice with real assignments, gain a thorough understanding of the infrastructure and how to troubleshoot common problems, and more. While the majority of the questions were simply about running a virtual lab, there was one very important question that asked students to consider whether or not they understood how to become HP Cloud Computing certified.

Question No 1:

What are the correct statements about the login process of a Huawei desktop cloud user after clicking a virtual machine on the WI?

A. TC establishes a login connection with the virtual machine
B. HDC check whether lic is satisfied
C. HDC sends the username and password to the virtual machine
D. The virtual machine uses the domain account and password to log in to the AD for login authenticatio

Answer: A B C D

Question No 2:

Can ManageOne 3.0 provide services for tenants?
(Multiple choice)

A. Cloud hosting
B. Cloud hard drive
C. Physical machine

Answer: A B C D

Question No 3:

In FusionAccess R6, what are the components that use the linux operating system? (Multiple choice)


Answer: A C