How to Produce Electricity From Coal?


How to produce electricity from coal? How to get rid of the dependence on fossil fuels like coal, is a pressing question raised by concerned people due to increase in fuel prices. It has been noted that the cost of producing energy from the coal has been steadily rising over the past few years, and this trend shows no sign of abating. On the contrary, the government too is taking measures to increase the use of alternate sources of energy apart from coal – nuclear energy, for instance, is fast gaining ground. How to Produce Electricity from Coal? The following paragraphs may help you answer that question:

Coal is the main source of energy for power production, accounting for more than two thirds of world electricity use in 2020. Coal-fired power plants provide around 70% of the electricity generated in the U.S., and India as well. The burning of coal releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants, leading to global warming; hence it is considered as one of the worst forms of energy pollution. How to Produce Electricity from Coal? The burning of coal is not only polluting, it also results in many harmful effects to the environment.

One efficient way to generate electricity is through the burning of coal at thermal power plants, also called by the experts as thermal boilers, and that too using water-free steam or hot air steam. At present, researchers are trying to develop new kinds of turbines that do not need any water for lubrication or cooling. These types of turbines do not produce any harmful emissions, as they utilize the heat from the boiler and transfer it to the circulating part of the turbine, resulting in heating and vaporizing the gas flowing through turbine blades.

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