We sell three key products to the Kenyan market.



Ecotran is a unique initiative that provides affordable transport to the rural communities using electric motorcycles. Ecotran is an initiative brought in place to curb the high costs of fuel, overcharging of fares by motorbike (bodaboda) operators and the associated environmental degradation in the off-grid populations.

Ecotran involves the recharge of these electric motorcycles through massive solar charging stations which are thereafter hired out to trained company drivers for the purpose of transporting goods and services within the markets we cover.

Ecotran currently has a fleet of 3 motorcycles recharged through a 1kw solar charging station. Work is also underway to scale this initiative through a funding from The United States African Development Foundation that will see Pfoofy set up two 10kW solar charging stations to service extra 40 electric motorcycles.


Solarvill involves the leasing of custom made solar lanterns to off-grid households. These lanterns are provided to clients through the points of sales at only KES 200 against market prices of KES 4500 .The company recovers the cost of this lamps and makes profit by offering replacement of cells that provide solar lighting to rural households at a price cheaper than kerosene. Currently the cost of using kerosene on a lamp is about Kshs. 1000 per month while for our lamps, a person would only use a maximum of Kshs. 300 per month.

We are currently also targeting and providing solar lamps to women doing small scale businesses to elongate their business hours from 6p.m to 9p.m.

So far we have provided solar lamps to 11 women and currently procuring 300 other lamps thanks to funding from the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre.


This is a technology in its pilot phase to introduce ‘rent-to-use’ irrigation pumps that uses rechargeable cells to pump water to farms. Currently many farmers are unable to irrigate their farms because of the high cost of fuel for diesel powered pumps, the very expensive solar powered pumps and lack of money to purchase the pump as a whole.