Why Choose HP Aruba Certification?


A lot of people are becoming interested in taking the test for the Aruba Certified Switching Associate certification. This is because the course provides a wealth of knowledge needed for safe and smooth sailing in the coastal waters of Aruba, the largest island in the Dominican Republic. With this certification, the potentials of successful sailing vacations get increased significantly. This is because sailing conditions in Aruba can be quite different from other tourist destinations around the world. That is why it is important to check the course outline and other requirements of the test to be able to get approved. As such, here are some of the reasons why you should consider taking the test:

Question No 1:

What is a benefit of choosing a 3-Tier design with routing at the Aggregation layer?

A. Better Core router performance by offloading processing

B. Shifting endpoint access to the Aggregation layer from the Access layer

C. Using access control lists (ACLs) at the Core to improve performance

D. Connecting WAN/MPLS and Data center access to the Aggregation layer

Answer: A

Question No 2:

What are the benefits of a 3-Tier design over a 2-Tier? (Choose two.)

A. Offloading processing from the Core without routing at the Access layer.

B. Can use lower speed links between Core to Aggregation and Aggregation to Access given the use of an Aggregation layer.

C. Lowering the cost of a deployment due to needing less switches overall.

D. Better scalability in a campus with a large number of buildings.

E. Gaining the flexibility to connect the Data-Center to any Access layer switch.

Answer: A D

Question No 3:

What is the correct description of a Multi-Layer Switch?

A. a switch with Layer 3 routing capabilities but lacks any Layer 1 features as a consequence

B. any switch that supports PoE, LLDP-MED and Flow Control

C. has all the functionality of a Layer 2 switch and most of the functionality of a Layer 3 router

D. multi-Layer refers specifically to using chassis switches with several line cards over stack port switches

Answer: C